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In questo campo le soluzioni in composito sono praticamente infinite,  dalla produzione di parti piccolissime alla costruzione di ingranaggi,   serbatoi,  parti per nastri trasportatori,  rulli per cartiere, ecc.. .  Il motto “ Composite Solution for all demands “ esprime chiaramente il concetto che qualsiasi cosa può essere realizzata in fibra di carbonio.  E’ in costante aumento la domanda per realizzare bracci ed altri componenti per la robotica in generale.


In this field the composite solution are practically infinite, from the realization of very small parts to the production of huge Aeolic blades, hulls for marine watercraft, fuel tanks and many others. The saying “Composite solution for all demands” clearly expresses the conception that anything can be realized in carbon fiber. The CRM Compositi is presently engaged in the realization of propeller blades, small rudders, motor supports for any vehicles, electronic containers, steering wheel for boat craft and other parts. It is in costant growing demand the realization of supporting arms and other components for robot.

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